Thursday, April 08, 2004

Out collecting one day…

Selling the War Cry isn’t about making money, it’s about being available and obvious. Here’s a tale from a couple of month’s back….

Someone has been watching me. A security guard comes over to see what I am all about. 'Hello' I look into a happy African face. We talk and I discover he is from Nigeria. "So Ibo or Yoruba", surprised he volunteers he is Yoruba. "Oluwa Dara" (God is Good) I say trying to sound convincing. He laughs "You know my language?" There are benefits of belonging to a multi-cultural church. We talk about church and I invite him to one of our 'Lift Him Up' International Praise Nights. I tell him about the recent London African Congress - a celebration of diversity. He leaves wanting more details about The Salvation Army and so I promise I will write to him.

As he disappears into the crowd, I remember the house group I facilitate. I imagine the regulars. Of the I0 or so members I know I will be the only person from England. 7 other Nationalities will be there. Sometimes we might sing. If we do it might be in Ibo; Twi; Shona; French; Lingala; Ndebele; Setswana; English and maybe even German!

I thank God for the diversity he has blessed our church with. I thank God that selling the War Cry isn’t about making money

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