Friday, April 09, 2004

We took the cross out today...

We took the cross out today. Through the market we walked. Followed the cross to a solemn, mournful beat of a deep, hollow drum. The market was busy. The sun was warm. The world carries on. Chrisp packet’s crunched, police sirens, noise of laughter, talk, swearing, chirpy banter, an argument, dogs barking.

We took the cross out today and carried it to let the world know that this holiday has meaning. Some stop, others point, some look, others mimic. Most ignore. "Leave it out I’m trying to make a f***ing living..." derided one market stall holder – there irony to his comment which borders on the profound! The mournful beat carries on and so do we. So does the world.

I feel uncomfortable…I’m glad to be finished… glad to be back inside… glad to be away from the staring, shouting and ridicule. I don’t know what impact our procession has made. One way or the other we made a spectacle of ourselves!

I know it has made me think – it is easier to leave the cross indoors, but that isn’t where it should be. It made me think about the church, it’s life and mission. I wonder about how we become comfortable, content to leave the cross indoors. It’s made me think of the debates I get involved in, issues, things that concern me that forces the cross behind closed doors in the shadows.

It makes me feel uncomfortable.

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