Monday, January 17, 2005

"Andy we've missed you..."

We haven't seen Andy for months - the beginning of his story which was showing signs of encouragement (Andy...another grace starved life... ; Andy church and today) seemed to fizzle out.

It happens. People flow into your life and out again - but with Andy I was disappointed, there was something genuine about Andy. He never made it to our trip to Brighton in the summer that he was so excited about - we haven't seen him since. We presumed that he'd been re-housed, moved out or found himself back on the streets.

Just this week I was thinking about this dynamic that sees you involved - then not - with transient people as they pass through. Thinking about the feelings of a half finished job. Relationships half formed. I thought about Andy.

Andy came in today and brought a friend "see I told you they'd try to help" I heard him say as I wandered off to make up a food parcel for his mate. I returned and sat with them and chatted for a while "Andy we've missed you...", I was glad because the look in his face showed he believed me.

His scarred face broke into a smile - "I'll be back don't worry!"

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