Saturday, January 29, 2005

My Vice...(and a Favour)

Since I cracked it I'm afraid that I have to own up to a vice in my life.


"Hardly incarnational...!" I hear the smug skeptics chatter!! However, ski-ing remains at the moment the one thing that truly detoxes my mind of 'ministry related thinking!' I relax. I seem to be able for large chunks of time to be overwhelmed by God's creation and pressing issues ease away. It might also to do with the fact that if think about anything else I'm likely to hit a tree!

My family have clubbed together and rolled my Christmas and Birthday presents into a cheap weeks ski-ing staying in a basic youth hostel and a rather long coach journey through France to the Alps. The Aravis mountains in the background are the backdrop to the hostel.

I am going with a friend from Church, I have my books ready for Apres-ski (I'm avoiding Carls blog at the moment incase he gives anything away on the Dan Brown front!), with glorious snow, scenery and air free of monoxide I'm looking forward to a week away.

So for a week URBANarmy is also having a rest!

One little thing - I was wondering if I could ask a favour of those that take the time to visit and take an interest in URBANarmy. Recently I have been working out the main themes that have shaped URBANarmy. If anyone who reads this stuff regularly has time I'd love to hear some objectivity as to what you feel the themes are as they have developed.


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