Saturday, January 08, 2005

Doing Church in the City...

I’m not great on seminars and conferences they have a tendency of leaving me feeling cold and hollow but this looks like it could be good to be at. Wrong side of the Atlantic for me. But nevertheless I hope something good comes out of it.

Some written stuff on contemporary urban theology that points to mission beyond the blind spot would be good to hear about. Key themes for ministry within the urban context. Opportunities for engaging a fragmented world. Similarities, points of diversity will all good to hear about.

Straight away it has got me thinking about that old chestnut doing/being church. I dug out this quote:

"Missionary congregations are congregations that have reworked themselves to be mission focused. The congregation proclaims the gospel as much by being church in the quality of its spirituality as by doing church through active evangelism"
Robert Warren quoted in Moynagh, M. (2001) Changing World Changing Church. Monarch

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