Thursday, January 27, 2005


Just a quick update on some people affecting me at the moment...

Miguel has been in several times since I first met him a couple of weeks ago. A heroin smoker who wants to stop. We've been able to refer him to an in situ drug detox service and we think he has accessed it. It has been good to get to know him gradually, to help him with food and some clothing. Yesterday he came in I noticed that his coat was blood stained so I asked him about it. One question too far! He backed out and our conversation came to a close. Sometimes we are so keen on keeping our boundaries that we forget that it is not just for us that boundaries exist. It seems that the squat where he is living in isn't the safest of places.

Joel seems to be doing really well. I thought he would walk from the hostel. But he is engaging well with the workers in the SA hostel and is still there. I'm chuffed to bits as I really think he is making a go of it.

Catherine Booth
"I am always glad to hear of anybody doing anything good and kind and true and helpful to humanity, whether it is feeding little boys and girls of the poor or enlightening the ignorant or building hospitals...but that is not the particular work of Jesus - Christ has set His people to do."
A growing revelation of Catherine is that apparently she bought the 'false dichotomy of mission' hook, line and sinker. The sacred and the social for her were parallel. Holistic mission a non starter - I hope I'm not being disparaging but I have to admit I struggle with that. Parallel, apart each makes no sense, in fact it makes a nonsense of the gospel.

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