Friday, January 28, 2005

The Lost Tribes of Emergent...

"Evangelicalism with a navel piercing...Art collective...Nu monastic...House church..."

Steve at e~mergent kiwi is looking to develop a taxonomy of emergent tribes and I hope the dialogue grows. It interests me. (In particular one comment points to a chart from the Community of St. Hilda and St. Aidan)

One over looked 'tribe' is that which seeks to embrace wider justice issues. This time last year I wasn't sure this 'emerging tribe' even existed beyond individual conscience but with the advent of protest4 (which you can read about here) and other initiatives - it seems that it is being uncovered.

However perhaps a more challenging question would be to ask about the 'lost tribes' - do they exist?

I look around some of the 'non-designer' people that come to us in one form or another - I struggle to see them part of the emerging scene as emerged so far. I struggle to see those meeting in starbucks for 'd-i-a-logue' and 'am-bi-ence' making space in a meaningful way for those that are truely marginal in society. Maybe deep in the 'emergent ecclesiatical jungle' there is an emergent expression of church for them - I hope so.

Richard; Keith and Jonny have re-ignited some thoughts for me about the mono-chrome, mono-cultural appearance of what is labeled emerging church. I agree, I have yet to see a truly multi-cultural expression of emerging church. I hope it is in there somewhere...

I look around and look for the emerging tribes that engage in unsung local community justice, that proffer true hope, liberation in such a way that if they disappeared over night it would be their community that would miss them more than the 'emerged' members. I'm sure they must be in there somewhere...

I wonder about these 'Lost Tribes of the Emergent' and others that may exist within a paradox of co-existence. Where evangelical and liberal co-exist without drawing blood; where the elderly can sing their hymns; where leadership isn't about gender, colour and class; where church exists beyond coffee, candles and slick powerpoint!

I'm optimistic somewhere in there they exist - I wonder if they will ever be uncovered or perhaps they'll just be content to remain and be.

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