Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Off Road Faith....

Prodigal Kiwi(s) point to an interesting article by Alan Jamieson - who wrote A Churchless Faith - on faith development stages as described by Fowler - here.

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Sister said...

Thanks for the link, the article is fascinating, and it is useful to read Fowler's thinking explained in someone else's words. I came across Fowler's stages in Israel Galindo's 'The Hidden Lives of Congregations'.
Looking back on my own journey, I now deeply regret having left for twenty years, and remember vividly how frustrated I was when I left, that there was nobody I could talk to about the struggles I was having. This has left me with a passionate conviction as to the usefulness of spiritual directors/faith companions. I now have the satisfaction of working with some people who are going through these difficult and dislocating transitions. One thing the article flagged up for me was the need for churches to listen deeply to their congregants to hear where they are frustrated and why - if we can't respond to people at different stages and transitions we will end up failing people as (and if) they progress.