Sunday, October 02, 2005

Patrick's 10 Seconds...

Patrick has been nonsense all week. But today for a window of 10 seconds he stunned everyone.

Chuntering, muttering, giggling, pointing to some imaginary adversary all service apart from 10 seconds when we our small congregation this afternoon were invited to suggest why we should want to praise God.

"...because he came back after three days - a real person!"

If you are new to Patrick go check him out in my key blogs and be stunned with us. He may have threatened Kate this week, he may have sworn at me more than once this week - but Patrick is the best gift God could've given Poplar Salvation Army.

What's more he for 8 years has given us papers to read always weeks out of date. Tonight he gave a paper dated 2 October 2005 - what a day!!

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