Monday, October 31, 2005

The Return and the Ministry of Victor

Its funny you have a break and 5 minutes being back you are ready for another.

Kate and I walked to church having been away and we had heard enough to know that there were issues. Ulimatiums, tantrums, projects had collapsed, people were giving up. All in all a tense atmosphere - I was glad that we weren't leading the service. The congregation was ministered to in many different ways no more so than by Victor.

Victor is worth reading up about ( Victor - GBH and living in a soap opera; Victor and his talking flute). If you haven't enough time, it is enough to know that Victor is 'interesting'. If you haven't enough time it is enough to know that Victor is waiting for his court case for GBH. If you haven't enough time it is enough to know that Victor was hounded out of his flat because he is ... well ... interesting!

The last time I sat next to Victor in worship as we sang our last song together he checked to see if anyone was looking then went into his jacket, pulled out a mock Chinese vase and presented it to me on the quiet. 'Thanks Victor'. No one has ever given me a mock Chinese vase before 'in' or 'out' of worship! Now, our 'guest' leader asked for a time of simple prayer. I heard Victor's intake of breathe.... I waited .... with one eye open! .... "We thank you for Jesus, we thank you for our church ... we pray that you will protect it from those that wish it harm" (there or there abouts).

I looked at Victor and his face was one of peace - Victor's moment of clarity ministered to me. Again there is something in being ministered to by the unlikely.

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welcome home!