Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bloggers Confession Checklist...

Dave Walker of Cartoon Church always seems to provoke thoughts and a smile - I'm a regular visitor. This cartoon caught my eye. (It says on his site that he doesn't mind cartoons being used).

I remember the buzz the first time someone linked to URBANarmy, the first time someone left a comment, the first time someone actually referenced some of my thoughts but have subsequently sought to remember why I blog.

I wrote this ironically about a year ago:-

"I try not to write in order to influence or to impress. I write because I want to be able to look over my shoulders and look at the footprints of my journey as I reflect on mission. I write to stretch myself through my reflections. I write because I don't want to lose the lessons I am learning. I write to get things off my chest, to vent my feelings. I write for me."
I am sure that blogging for others would wear me out, grind me down and would steal the joy I have in keeping the lessons I learn alive.

I try to hold true to that because I am sure that blogging for others would wear me out, grind me down and would steal the joy I have in keeping the lessons I learn alive.

I found a confession list in an old Renewal Magazine article 'Why do we shrink from confessing' (Feb 1995) and find it helpful - so here's my adapted Bloggers Confession Checklist!

  • succumbing to flattery (watching your site metre every hour to see how your daily average is doing!)
  • nurturing hurt feelings (not everyone will agree with you, really!)
  • holding a grudge (oh for a misplaced metaphor to crash down!)
  • losing our temper (don't read your blog comments late at night)
  • not respecting other people (just because someone thinks different)
  • pride (watching technorati to see the latest link to your blog)
  • feeling jealous ( why would anyone would want to hit his site!)
  • selfish ambition ( blogging to pump your up your reputation )
  • bitterness (when someone gets quoted and linked!)
  • judging one another (rabid unthinking evangelical; woolly liberal; unprimitive salvo; non-aggressive Christian!)
  • arrogance (the world really does deserve to hear my voice)
  • feeling superior to another (I've got something far better to say than anyone else)
  • hurting another's reputation (...and she thinks she has something to say)
  • witholding a good word about another (you know he kind of has something to say but if you think I'm going to link)
Oh yeah ... and for wasting too much time - like I am now???


ScottB said...

A helpful - and convicting (!) - list...

Graeme Smith said...

To a new personal blogger I'm going to keep this somewhere to avoid the dangers!

surrendered said...

great list. thanks. (guilty as charged, by the way...)


KJ said...

Yep!... agreed - great list, will keep it somewhere handy and 'fess up for being guilty of a good number of what's there as well!

Oh, the simple dangers of blogging!

Gordon said...

I'm glad the list seems to be proving helpful - it just makes me feel miserable for everytime I get sucked it - doh!