Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gordon is a Moron...

I pushed 'send' and immediately... kind of regretted it!

A strange exchange of emails happened today.

Before I realised it, I was communicating with world famous Christian author Gordon MacDonald. I thought I was in communication with his publisher but it became apparent that I was talking to GMAC (to his friends) himself.

A shared first name that, let's face it is not that trendy, led to an anecdote of his walking in the Alps and discovering that Gordon means 'he that climbs...', I reciprocated of course by sending him a youtube link to Jilted John's 1978 punk classic 'Gordon is a Moron!' with the story of my informative years at a roughish inner city school!

Anyone with the first name Gordon who didn't suffer Jilted John's prose for years at secondary school - needs to know what I went through! I would have hated for world famous Christian author Gordon MacDonald to have missed out.

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