Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The guilt trip...

When I read some books they make me feel so guilty; I’ve got through the stage where I beat myself up because my prayer life isn’t as spectacular as Paul Yongi Cho; that my sense of holiness falls so short of Brengle; that my community justice isn’t as intense as Jim Wallis.

However there seems to be a new brand of Christian book that needs a warning on the cover. If you are not taking the environment as seriously as the re-cycled pages of the book you are reading - be ready to be feel pretty miserable by the end. That is unless of course you have already converted your car to run on cooking oil? That you have re-plumbed your water so that you re-cycle your shower water to flush your toilet to then water your organic tomatoes?!

Shane Claiborne – seems to lead the way and his message is definitely one well worth listening to and being challenged by. So when I met him the other week when I was taking Eryn to school – was I pleased we were on our bikes!? I was introduced to him while he was waiting for a bus to take him to the Faithworks conference - that would be a fossil fuel powered bus - I felt pretty smug with my non-fossil fuel form of transport, that not only was second hand, but also borrowed.

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