Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thomas à Kempis ... Highlights

"Without the Way, there is no going, Without the Truth, there is no knowing, Without the Life, there is no living."

"If thou wilt receive profit, read with humility, simplicity and faith, and seek not at any time the fame of being learned."

"At the Day of Judgement we shall not be asked what we have read but what we have done."

"If, however, you seek Jesus in all things, you will surely find Him."

“If you do absolutely nothing about your small faults, you will, little by little, fall into greater ones.”

“Many of us are kept back from spiritual progress and amendment of life because we fear the difficulties we are sure to meet and the effort it will cost us to overcome them. Nevertheless, the one who makes progress in the spiritual life is the very one who vigorously and strenuously strives to overcome these seemingly impossible obstacles. Both profit and merit are greater when we overcome ourselves and subject our will to our spirit.”

Thomas à Kempis


A useful online and accessible 'Imitation of Christ' translation can be found here.

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