Monday, December 17, 2007

Liverpool Nativity....

Sorry it didn't seem to happen for me! Maybe I need to check the lyrics closer but I thought the links were a little too tenuous and lost the sense of plausibility that the Manchester Passion had. Help me if I missed something? Maybe I need to watch it again. Having said that there was some good lines in the narration that I wish I had jotted down at the time.

Good to see Liverpool Walton band playing 'Get Back...' (I think?) shame the flugel player rushed his semi-quavers!! ( :o) sorry Pete!!)


Howard said...

I'm with you on this one. It seemed to be 'trying' to hard and the background dancers just made it seem like a performance rather than a modern day story.

Just goes to show that sequels hardly ever work.

Very disappointing!

Matt Elsey said...

Personnaly, i liked it! Thought it was good on the whole! My only resevation was that it was a bit to "liverpools music is great" rather than "isn't this story amazing!!!!"

However, I thinnk it is was positive that an attepmt was made to tell the most amazing story in the world in this way.


Gordon said...

That's true Matt at least the story was on TV!