Friday, June 13, 2008

edilberto merida...

I first came across this sculpture of Jesus on the Cross in the Faces of Jesus series. Hideous, ugly but compelling.

It is by Peruvian artist and sculptor Edilberto Merida.

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Karyn Romeis said...

It provides a welcome contrast to all those blonde, blue-eyed Jesuses, with the artistic single drop of blood trickling down his luminescent face.

I have a habit of greeting those pictures/sculptures with "Give me a break! Jesus was a Jewish carpenter!"

In my mind's eye he was swarthy. Dark skinned, tanned from spending so much time outdoors. Prominent nose, dark brown eyes. Broad shoulders and strong, calloused hands from 20 years in his father's carpentry workshop. Not handsome - the Bible tells us that. And, at the time of crucifixion, horribly disfigured by the brutal beatings and cruel thorns.

That is the Jesus I can trust to take upon himself the sins of the world, and in the protection of whose broad shadow I can walk my path - not the effete image we usually see!