Monday, June 30, 2008

Westminster Abbey...

Bethan has always been at a Church School and so we have followed the church year through making the periodic trips to church to support.

Tonight was a little different. As a member of Grey Coats Hospital school for girls, Bethan's local church is Westminster Abbey.

There is something very, very special about Westminster Abbey. The architecture, the history, the organist - it combines to a special experience.

Tonight, whenever there was any applause it always started at the front and rolled back, like a Mexican wave, permission to clap almost sought from the row in front. The significance of the wave of applause that started outside the Abbey and rolled forwards at Princess Diana's funeral struck me.

I don't think anyone who has used the sentiment to explain any shift in worldview would quite 'get it' without actually feeling the really odd sensation of the rolling applause.

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