Monday, June 23, 2008

Lost Voices of Mission - Phil Needham

A book that has shaped me and it intrigues me that it doesn't seem to get the credit it deserves is Philip Needham's 'Community in Mission'. Written 21 years ago it still moves me to think that the quality of missional thinking was articulated within a Salvationist context well before we got all hung up about needing to prove our creditials by slipping the word incarnational and attractional into every sentence.

It is a book I treasure and wouldn't want to lose - Phil Needham is a voice of mission that needs to be heard and not lost. Open to any page and there is a gem of a quote to challenge and inspire. Here's a taster.

"The Church cannot exist in isolation from the world and remain the people of God. A church out of touch with the world is a church out of touch with God, for the call of God to go into the world is unmistakable Needham" (1987:36)

Needham, P. (1987). Community in Mission : A Salvationist Ecclesiology. Atlanta, Georgia.

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jsi said...

Exactly - it is a convicting and inspirational book, written through aggressive compassion.
It is a God-honoring publication.