Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Living Missionally 2/4...

Frost seems to like putting natty little lists together that capture the attention. To avoid the preoccupation which he suggests is what the Church needs to avoid, to capture what it is to live missionally and therefore counter culturally there is a need ...

  • To seek an approach to spiritual formation that values inward transformation over external appearances.
  • To value a spirituality that seeks not to limit our God-given humanity, creativity, to individuality; to value diversity and difference over conformity and uniformity.
  • To enjoy from the heart, honest dialogues and avoid relationships marked by superficiality and hidden agendas
  • To strive to be completely honest with God and appropriately transparent with others about our inmost thoughts, hopes , dreams, emotions, shortcomings, failings, transgressions, struggles.
  • To seek to welcome back mystery and paradox over easy explanations; to live with questions that have no easy answers
  • To work to honestly recalibrate our lifestyles, diets, spending patterns, and commitments to reflect our hope for more just, equitable, and merciful society.

Frost, M. (2006:101). Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture.

All probably a little too obvious but a useful reminder put together.

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