Friday, June 30, 2006

Patrick and Canary Wharf...

Canary wharf and its towers dominate us, where-ever you look there is Canary wharf winking at you. I had a jumble pick up to do on the Isle of Dogs. "Pat do you fancy a ride?"

Off we pop, Patrick's chuntering amusing me as we travel. Everyone his cousin as he waves with indiscrimant enthusiasm. On the way back I ask Patrick if he had ever driven around Canary Wharf.

"no sir"

So a slight de-tour and we are driving through the financial might. Patrick was dumb-struck, stretching his neck to take in the sky-scrappers in abject awe.

Almost in a hushed whisper he says with out taking his eyes off the towers.

"Who put these here?"

Apparently the Canary Wharf developmnent passed Patrick by!

1 comment:

Keeley said...

thats interesting that patrick didnt notice canary wharf considering you can see it inmost places in london, bless, well i hope he enjoyed looking at it. And you and nick are like old women arguing over who is the biggest size. lol..