Friday, June 23, 2006

We are not Perfect []

"The Salvation Army is not perfect, never has been and never will be. There was no 'golden age' when we got it all right, nor will there be again. The dream of copying what we once were to become again what we once were just cannot be realised. The once and future Army is a myth...."
Grant Sandercock-Brown on takes a candid look into SA history - here and seems to have ruffled a few feathers! Whether historically accurate or not he ironically mirrors Catherine Booth's point about historical naval gazing in 'Aggressive Christianity':-
"While the gospel message is laid down with unerring exactness, we are left at perfect freedom to adapt our measures and modes of bringing it to bear upon men to the circumstances, times and conditions in which we live ... Adapt your measures to your circumstances and to the necessities of the times in which you live." (Catherine Booth 1880)

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