Sunday, December 18, 2005

Carols and Chaos....

The carol service at Poplar as ever was a highlight - today was our eighth in Poplar.

As we watched the carols from Lincoln Cathedral on BBC, with trumpeted descants, Dickensian singers, orchestrated harmonies - we smiled as we thought back to the variegated chaos that was Poplar's. It is funny what feelings you have when you look out on a congregation - today I felt overwhelming love and joy of being part of the body of Christ that is Poplar Salvation Army.

It's a feeling to keep hold of especially as Turkey's, vegetables, fruit, drinks and all the bits and bobs - to make Christmas day a family treat for 80 - need to be picked up. It's a feeling to keep hold of as we start a gruelling week of carolling to raise money for both our Christmas efforts and to help with our local work in the community. It's a feeling to keep hold of in ministry because it can all too easily be eroded away reducing what we do to just a job.

I'm glad of moments that leading a carol service of chaos affords!


Kathryn said...

That's lovely to read, Gordon...We had ours last night, and, as you might expect, it had pretensions to the Lincoln Cathedral model, which tended to get in the way of the reality of it all.
I hold out greater hopes for the mayhem that will be the (as yet unwritten) Crib Service, and so long to teach the people here that He "is not a TAME lion".

Anonymous said...


It is so important to keep hold of the precious memories and to be continually focused on that our ministry isnt a job it is a service of love to those that many others cant love. Yes it is busy for us all at this time of the year, but it is my favourite time as it seems that we can actually accomplish something to make people's lives a little brighter.

God Bless


Gordon said...

Kathryn - Hope the mayhem is all you hope for!!

Glenda - it is a busy time but it really is worth it for the exact reasons you point out.