Thursday, December 15, 2005

A time to moonwalk.....

Judith came in today (more on Judith here and here) with her friend Gary. More recently she has made me nervous by virtue of the drunken amorous advances she makes on me.

Today she asks for a food parcel and so I go to go, but as I turn she grabs my arm, looks longingly through drunken eyes "do you like my new glasses...?"

I try to be pleasently distant, "umm yeah they seem to suit you..."

She lets go of my arm, I head for the kitchen and get a couple of meals together. As I arrive back she proudly tells Gary "He's the one I really like, you know the one I tell you about, the one I fancy...!" Ok my discomfort is growing, I'm grateful that Roz our youth worker has heard my telepathic cries of 'stay with me, please say with me'. I turn to Judith and try to take the sting out of the situation - "Steady on Judith you know I'm happily married" I say with a nervous giggle not really befitting my newly 40-year-old status!

She jumps up and walks towards me her voice husky "yeah... but you want me...!" Ever done a moonwalk very quickly? I have!

Last Christmas day - Judith needed to see someone - a food parcel her request, her excuse - she left clasping a Christmas present from us but left us feeling shocked. Her daughter was murdered two days before Christmas day - stabbed in Hackney.

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