Monday, December 05, 2005

Times on-line...

It seemed a fun idea at the time.

The Times have chosen The Salvation Army as their charity for Christmas. As part of that they have asked me to blog as we work towards what we do over the Christmas period.

So I guess I should welcome anyone who stumbles across this blog from the link that is going to be on The Times site (here) to URBANarmy.

I guess also I should do that disclaimer thing where I am supposed to apologise for my opinions not necessarily representing The Salvation Army's. The point is we are totally passionate in what we do as a church in our community. We are totally passionate about trying to live our lives in such away that our church would be missed from our community should it disappear. We are totally passionate about trying to make a difference with people who probably don't read The Times! So I'm not too sure there is any need for any kind of apology!

URBANarmy isn't just for Christmas! A quick flick through some of my key blogs on the side bar will give you an idea of the area and work we do throughout the year. I change all the characters names (apart from Patrick who deserves to be world renowned!). I hope you'll enjoy getting to know them should you take time to browse their different stories and situations. I hope you get a feel for a way of life that is so fulfilling for us. I hope you get a feel for the fact that we get so much more back - from those who wouldn't warrant a cursory glance - than we could ever give.

This all seemed a fun idea at the time - then I looked at the quality of the blogs featured on The Times site! URBANarmy I'm afraid isn't that polished, refined or cultured but then again nor is Poplar - or for that matter am I .... 'init'!


Chris said...

Ooh, fame! :)

No need to put in a disclaimer, when I visited the times site you're linked through, and that puts up a disclaimer for you saying the opinions in the blog aren't necessarily those of the Army.

Kathryn said...

That's seriously brilliant, Gordon...Not only is it good for the SA...but people should really have eyes, minds and hearts opened by visiting here. Works for me, anyway :-)

Gordon said...

Chris - oh yeah maybe I should put a disclaimer on the disclaimer?

Gordon said...

Kathryn - thanks for you hearty endorsement!! I just hope I get my apostrophes' ;o) in the right place!!

Bill said...

Moving up in this world are we?

Sounds great though.