Saturday, December 24, 2005

The indelible mark ...

Ok I close my eyes and I see turkey, I smell turkey, my family say I smell like turkey. Carving for 85 has left an indelible mark!

The church is set for the day - the tables are laid, vegetables peeled. We're ready for whatever tomorrow may hold.

I hope that the gift that our church is giving, will point beyond what we do, to the true gift that Christmas celebrates. I hope that when all is over and we have dropped everyone home, the mark of Christmas that is 'love come down' will be as indelible as my turkeys!


Sister said...

Have a blessed Christmas, you and your team and everyone who comes.

Pax et bonum

Kathryn said...

Your blog proclaims it with every post, Gordon, so I'm sure the message got through.
Christmas blessings and love