Friday, December 16, 2005

I'll Remember Ralph....*

We got worried this week Ralph hasn't been in. Ralph an amiable alcoholic comes in probably once or twice a month to have a cup of tea and chortle nonsense with us but we haven't seen Ralph for a month. Some phones calls and we discover that Ralph has died. His neighbours disturbed by a smell called the police and they found Ralph. I'm going to miss Ralph and I'll remember him.

I'll remember how some weeks he would visit us in his pygamas. I'll remember his unintelligible Geordie accent. I'll remember him telling me stories and laughing, making me laugh so hard because I couldn't understand a thing he said and the more I laughed, the more he laughed thinking I understood. I'll remember his face being tattooless. I'll remember him coming into our Sunday services from time to time (once in a suit and tie). I'll remember the effects alcohol was having on his body, his pain as his body started to give up. Above all I'll remember the glint in his eye.


* Ralph's his real name - I think he deserves that dignity.

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