Friday, December 09, 2005

Out with the Youth Club...

There was something almost humorously macabre about the scene.

We went to the outdoor skating rink nestled at the foot of the towers of Canary Wharf. Quite obviously intended for the suits of Canary Wharf to have a relaxing skate before heading off to their gated communities. But tonight as I watched the grace on ice of the well groomed there was an added element to the corporate night out.

It was how I imagined Francis Drake singeing the beard of Spanish King Philip II at Cadiz. Whipping in between the gentile suits in 'denimed mufty' were our guys, our senior youth club causing chaos and mayhem. I'm not entirely sure young people from the inner city estates of Poplar were the target group for the outdoor skating rink at Canary Wharf sponsored by O2. But tonight that's what they got! For an hour the mayhem, the chaos was beautiful.

The best bit? The 10 minute walk into the lights of Canary Wharf and the 10 minute walk away from the lights afterwards.

A big chunk of what we do at The Salvation Army in Poplar is youth work - and thanks to dedicated workers and volunteers we are able to invest in members of our society that are often frowned on because their choice is to wear baseball caps and hoodies.

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