Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Murray on Mission's False Dichotomy...

Stuart Murray observes... if there is
"one particular dimension of the gospel distorted by Christendom: it is good news to the poor. Marginal post-Christendom churches may rediscover a radical gospel that subverts condescending 'need-oriented evangelism' (that leaves unchallenged an unjust status quo) and reconnects evangelism with social justice. If the gospel is truly good news to the poor, we have not been preaching the gospel, for the rich and powerful have not found it disturbing and the poor have not found it liberating."
Murray, S.(2004)Post-Christendom Church and Mission in a Strange New World. Pasternoster pp. 163.

Distorted gospel.... I'm not too comfortable with that?



Naomi said...

Distorted gospel? Hmmm... *pondering*

Gordon, I wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated your blog the last few months. It's been a breath of fresh air when things start seeming stale and dead. You keep helping me believe in the mission of the Salvation Army.

(I admit, I'm too easily discouraged)

Gordon said...

Evangeline - thanks for contributing when you do and also for you words of encouragement - I write primarily so that the lessons I am learning will not fade with memories - so I am glad that this part of my journey is helpful.

Anonymous said...

Great quote, gordon

Thanks for your blogging this year - this has been one of the places I have come back to regularly for the challenge of theology with its feet on the ground, lived out in real people's lives.

god bless you in 2006