Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Story of God...

I've enjoyed the last three weeks following the thoughts of Professor Robert Winston as he presented his BBC documentary The Story of God.

Tonight talking about the ill-perceived 'battle' between science and religion he coined the phrase the 'principle of uncertainty' that he suggests fundamentalists of whatever persuasion whether religious or scientific would do well to cultivate.

Perhaps influenced by Heisenberg ; perhaps this brilliant man's scientific mind finds comfort in the mystery that is God.

It seemed a shame that most of the Christians he spoke with and interviewed were more comfortable with squeezing God into a box than expressing the struggle that is the mystery of God. The smugness of always having the right answer, the clever rhetoric really wasn't that appealing.

A SA songwriter once wrote:-
Many are the things I cannot understand,
All above my mystery I see;
But the gift most wonderful from God's own hand
Surely is his gift of grace to me!

Higher than the stars that reach eternity,
Broader than the boundaries of endless space,
Is the boundless love of God that pardoned me;
O the wonder of his grace!
Howard Davies


Jennifer said...

thanks for the song, it's amazing.

Greg Hiser said...

I disagree. Just because this guy reasons God is plausible doesn't make his cosmological views valid. The series was completely biased towards errant evolutionary thought. I haven't found a more convincing theory than what I find in God's Word - even the most literal interpretation. In my opinion, the more we try to add to it, the farther off the mark we get.

Gordon said...

Fair enough Greg! I wasn't sure which bit you disagreed with - I think it was the emphasis of the series.

I'm not sure you could say the whole series was based on 'errant evolutionary thought' it was really only the last episode and even that episode was more an investigation of the relationship between science and religion.

Greg Hiser said...

Heh heh, Sorry Gordon. Got a little riled up there. Yeah, at least it makes people think a bit.

Gordon said...

Greg no rile taken!

I've yet to have found anyone who has watched it to have a discussion with so I was pleased with your response! :o)