Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day Summed up.....!

How do you sum up a day like today?

How do you sum up a day when all the characters that shape me were together? Patrick, Judith, Victor etc... together with 80 odd people together as family as opposed being by themselves? How do you sum up some of our African congregation playing all the christmas classics with frail 80 year old Lucy jamming along on her mouth organ? How do you sum up the panic when potatoes simply refused to roast, carrots refused to boil to schedule? How do you sum up being able to drop people home and sense their heart felt gratitude? Bethan got close.

"... you know what Dad?.... you really do smell of old people...!"

I love being part of the 'visible emerged' church at Christmas even if I do smell of old people!!

I'm off for a bath and a bit of a read!!


Anonymous said...

It does leave you with that nice satisfied feeling. We had a similar Christmas Day, tiring and hard work but also very rewarding to see the faces of such a diverse group coming together to celebrate.

God Bless You as you possible like us take a few days breathing space before it all starts all over again.


Gordon said...

Glenda - I like you probably love Boxing day!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Gordon,
We spent Boxing Day Sleeping much of the day to recover from the lead up to Christmas...