Monday, January 02, 2006

7 marks of a healthy church... 3/7

Continuing with Warren's marks of a healthy church...
Seeks to find out what God wants. There is a sharpness of focus and seriousness of purpose about such churches, which are carried forward by a sense of divine vocation rather than stuck in a dull repetition of past assumptions and patterns. Prayerfully they are on the move.
Warren, R (2004) The Healthy Churches' Handbook. Church House Publishing

Prayerfully on the move? I think this is beyond "24/7 ... boiler room" stuff. Ok here's my usual opt out disclaimer I'm not 'agin it' (as my dear Scottish Grandad might have said) but there is more to mission than all night bits of clay and pipe cleaners, however profound and meaningful.

Sharpness of focus and seriousness of purpose comes in demostrating the missionary attributes of a loving God. Working towards being missed by the community - that allows you to park in their streets on a Sunday - rather than the Sunday crew should your church disappear overnight would help all of us remain sharp and mission focused.

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