Thursday, January 26, 2006

general ticklist...

Ok no call so I guess I'm not required .. !

How about bounding some thoughts around "What does The Salvation Army need in an international leader ...?"

Ok - some are going to be obvious pre-requisites so lets leave a person of prayer; prophet; spirit filled; Holy; 'passion of mission' etc... as said.

My starter -

"a Man or Woman to inspire confidence through being able to identify issues of transistion facing TSA and to recognise that this transisition doesn't stop at post-Christendom or any other 'post' pre-occupations that the we in the west love so much!"


Bill said...

Mine would be a Leader who will navigate the glodal enviroment and speak out against and lead the Army in acting againsty injustice and social evils (poverty, slavery, inequality, war, and the like) something most generals in recent time have not done.

Sarah said...

Both here are great. I would add (as the almost youth worker that I am) a passion to see the army-youth grow and a willingness to listen and take seriously what they have to say. Oh yes, and on a more personal note, a sense of humour.