Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Disneyland - Paris

Was all I expected!

Our girls loved every moment. Kate loved every moment. I loved them loving every moment! But I have to say I am looking for a successful de-tox of 'wall to wall' marketing, branding, manipulation, merchandising and unescapeable piped Disney music all day telling me to be happy!

Back in London I look through the pile up of Christian junk mail that comes with the job - I make some connections!


Kapten Clark said...

I can't believe that's where you were! We have actually been considering a trip there ourselves (from Estonia). Please e-mail me ( with whatever advice you have!

We've also been considering a trip to London, and would love advice in that regard as well!


Rob said...

welcome back.
we're going there in Feb too!
Great minds and all that!

Gordon said...

Rob - dress up warm - that place is really really cold - we bought hard warmers which were really useful.

Evelyn - another thing I left out of the email was the fast pass system is worth working out to avoid queuing. Best ride space mountain - its worth trying to keep your eyes open!!