Friday, January 20, 2006

The Story of a life unknown..

I spent time looking through Harry's photo album. His daughter had put it together for the funeral and now I was looking at a life that didn't fit the person I knew. Holiday's to Spain, France - his business - wife - his children, grandchildren. I looked into the face of a healthy, looking fun loving man surrounded by family and I thought where did it go wrong?

We'd only known Harry as one of those characters you see walking, stopping every now and then to pick up a cigarette butt to finish. Someone who when we first came to Poplar was a loveable part of our church who from time to time would breeze in for lunch at luncheon club. He didn't talk about his life.

Reading between the lines I could see the impact of a marriage breakdown, the loss of a business and a life in freefall. I listen to the daughter "It was difficult for us to keep in touch.." I feel largely sad for a broken life.

It reminded me how easy it is to forget that everyone's got a story to their lives. I wish I had spent more time listening.


BrownEyedGirl said...

I am always touched by your insights and what you share about your ministry. Mostly, I like the fact that you focus on people and relationships and human dignity regardless of social status. If you were a painter, your studio would not be filled with landscapes but portraits of people. Faces, lives. Your blog is like that a gallery of people. Thanks for letting us see them through your eyes! I have been blessed.

Gordon said...

Thank you Carole - I like the question if you were a painter what would you paint!