Friday, January 27, 2006

High Council 2006... latest

According to reports two Commissioners were walking and praying in the grounds of Sunbury Court yesterday when one of them stood rather vehemently on a snail. This action surprised the other Commissioner and she asked "what did you do that for?" The snail squashing Commissioner, wiping his feet answered "I got fed up of it... it's been following me all day!!"

The words 'old dogs' and 'new tricks' sprang to mind!

As the High Council was welcomed and we patted ourselves on the back given its multi-cultural and even supposed gender balance - while noticing the wealth of experience and maturity - I did notice the obvious generational imbalance. The words 'old dogs' and 'new tricks' sprang to mind! I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see how the worldviews of the High Council members are stretched beyond their peer group and what impact that would have on the process. I don't think I am being ageist or naive but I tend to think true creative tension comes from societal variegation and true multi-culture includes cross generational!

Disclaimer: no snails were actually hurt in this story - it is a made up and a pretty poor gag which nevertheless made me smile!


Dave C said...


The snail story WAS pretty funny!

Sarah said...

Word is out. Apparently it is Shaw Clifton.