Tuesday, January 17, 2006

URBANarmy's Mission Anthem...

Ben over at guerillachristianity introduced me to the concept of video code - so I thought I'd stick a bit of Coldplay. So 'Fix You' is now an experimental fixture. I'm hoping that the song isn't about song drug crazed sex filled evening but even if it is I'm keeping it for a while!

Seems to me to be a song about brokenness and having the desire to do something about it. I thought URBANarmy could do with a 'mission anthem' for a while. Sorry no mute button that I can see - if it gets on your nerves just stop it or turn your volume down.

Any other suggestions welcome?


I've just noticed that the video code only seems to work on certain browsers or operating systems


Kathryn said...

Gordon,- if there was anything calculated to make me a yet more compulsive reader of your blog, this is it! This was THE track of last summer onwards for me...love it. Thank you for a happy addition :-)

Gordon said...

a pleasure Kathryn!