Wednesday, February 18, 2004

From Church Growth to Church Health

Interesting how the church of today is still dominated by numbers, success determined by size, value established by flash growth charts. To be told that we should abandon our ministry to the fragmented, the socially excluded because it doesn't bring in the numbers it used to; to have our mission questioned as to its value because its outcome is immeasurable presents me with a conundrum.

Do I say what I think? (second word "off!")
Do I take it on the chin and think one day they’ll get it?

Sweetism's have helped in the past no doubt they will continue to do so. "Health is the number one trend of the 21st century. The church must transition its ministry beyond a ‘church growth’ mentality to a ‘church health’ mentality. The promise of the gospels is not growth. The promise is health...where spirit, mind and body work together" (Sweet, L. SoulTsunami pp 253).

One disappointment - Sweet's examples of church always seem to be fairly major concerns. I haven't seen him point to the insignificant efforts of church do their insignificant best. Come on Len get yourself inner-city on a Wednesday morning and see what churches are open!

PS - first word "push!!"

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