Sunday, February 08, 2004

Jacques Ellul

Charles Ringma in Resist the Powers has introduced me to the French Philosopher Jacques Ellul. This guy has a special angle of mission. Here are some points that they both make:-

Responding to others in the way that God has so graciously responded to us provides the dynamism for new life in a tired world.

Ellul makes the assertion that the Christian "has a part to play in this world which no-one else can possibly fulfil."

Christians are simply called to demonstrate in every aspect of life the reality of God's love, justice, and mercy. They are to show that grace triumphs over evil, that love dispels hate, that forgiveness dis-empowers anger, and that justice and mercy overcome exploitation.

Reflection : "It is simply not true that Christianity does not work for the betterment of this world. It is true that Christianity has not always been a force for love and justice because those who profess that faith have not always lived up to their own ideals."

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