Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Lessons to unlearn...

"The question is whether the church as it is will be willing to unlearn what it knows so it can learn to become the church it must become…so as to be God’s witness in this future." (A is for Abductive Sweet, McClaren et.al)

I’m struggling with this debate.Yes of course there are things that need to be unlearned, but to go forward we need to re-capture the essence of church not discover it. It’s always been there. The church is being held down. Take the weight off and it’ll bob to the top as it will always do. To me the major weight today is not traditionalism, or even institutionalism there is a new burden. That of chasing the latest. With each passing ecclesiastical panacea that heaviness pushes the church lower and lower.

If we’re not careful the emerging church with all its positive, progressive, optimistism will be rock bottom alongside all that is wrong with the institutional church.

I wonder what it is that needs to be unlearned.

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