Saturday, February 14, 2004

Making Sense of Church - Burke, S (2003)

Talks about the transition from Hero to Human. Using the backdrop of the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz as a picture of this. When the mightiness of the wizard was shown up for what it really was when the curtain came down.

His challenge? Where are we on the Hero and Human continuum?

I believe it's okay to be broken
My focus is process
I believe sin is an opportunity for God to draw me into deeper relationship
I believe that Jesus' death paid my debt and I don't need to add to it through hard work
I'm more sinful than I realise, but also more loved

I believe I should be a model for others
My focus is achieving
I believe God is disappointed in me when I sin
I believe obedience leads to blessing and that God values hard work
I'm not really that bad.

It is not only where we are on this continuum as individuals that is important but also as a church. Could it have a big impact on our understanding and outworking of missio dei.

A few posts I have read recently that I am mulling over make me think we still have a bit of a hero mentality.

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