Saturday, February 07, 2004

Just popping out…!!

I only popped out for some bread, our local supermarket is 5 minutes walk. I cross the main road and walk against the driving rain head bowed but I see Harry. We acknowledge each other and he crosses over to walk with me. Harry used to come to our Youth Club a couple of years ago – "long time no see!", "nah – I’m working over in Canary Wharf - apprentice sparky". He tells me that he’s enjoying it and life is good. It’s good to bump into old members and discover that even though the years have flown by that there is still a relationship.

I wander through the market as the stalls are packing away, I quickly make it to the Fruit and Veg stall and spend 10 minutes talking to Kenny about the football while Lisa serves me "£2.75 darling…" she smiles… Lisa also one time member of our youth club watches me as I sort my change out "…tell you what call it £2.50 how’s everyone at the sally?"

I get to the supermarket and there is Jamie resplendent in his urban wear, baseball cap and hoodie! "Alright…?" he mumbles, I mumble back half jokingly and we both laugh. He wanders around the supermarket with me reminiscing about our ski-ing adventure!

There’s a commotion I look around and I see Patrick bearing down on me – "ello guv" he starts and for the next five minutes I hear about his latest invention and a tunnel that he is building to Derbyshire! As I join the queue to pay for my bread I’m aware of someone smiling – It’s Mr Peterson’s daughter. He comes to our luncheon club and she spends her life trying to avoid Patrick – "I don’t know how you have the patience – she offers". I smile!

Then I get to pay for my bread. Serving me Kamikaze Jonathon – another ski-ing colleague from our youth club. "this time last week eh?" we both sigh and remember that we were in the Alps.

All I popped out for was a loaf! It is great being part of a community!

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