Saturday, March 27, 2004

Laughter, Respect and Tall Stories

We had our Men’s Fellowship last night. Poplar Men Together. PMT.

An indoor Barbecue – steak, burgers, prawns and lots of smoke! To be honest being behind on my preparation for Sunday, having not seen the girls all day and wanting to have spent some time with Kate – I didn’t really want to be there!

I don’t think I can describe the cocktail of personality ingredients that made the evening. Conversation ranged from The Passion of the Christ, to the best seafood restaurants in Padstow, Cornwall, to the political upheaval in Zimbabwe. Interspersed with those tall tales of past conquests, adventures and who has eaten the hottest curry that seems to be in the DNA of all blokes. It was quite some evening!

When conversation changed and stories of suicide attempts emerged I recognised the importance of this group. I recognised that I was glad I was there. I looked around the group and saw a group of men by and large broken by the past. I saw a group of men drawing strength from one another through laughter, respect and tall stories.

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