Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sunday's Bits and Bobs...

Today has been good, really good. Some Sunday's I get the dread feeling that something is going to go off, someone is going to fall out with someone else and sense of church is rock bottom. But today has been really good.

It is hard to identify why particularly. Perhaps it was because there seemed a oneness. Perhaps it was seeing Andrea and her friends Wei Wei; Mingshu; Fungming and Meho still intrigued and coming. Perhaps it was seeing two new people come into church for the first time and settle really quick. Perhaps it had something to do with having 19 different nationalities in worship today - it seems to add a profoundness to "making disciples of all nations" that is missing for me. Perhaps it had something to do with how people engaged with their regrets and hurts to walk away. Perhaps is was because the hall was packed - due to some friends from Norway.

Today has been good!

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