Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Theology of space....Andrea...left speechless

Every now and then something happens that bowls you over.

Our church is busy. Open from 8am to 10pm most days. Breakfast, Luncheon, Youth clubs, Parent and toddlers, counseling, worship, discipleship classes lots going on. Apparently we have a theology of space - most of our youth club have a theology of spaced, (that's unfair sorry!) - if that means being a church that sees worship as having our doors open everyday, if that means being a church that makes itself totally available for whoever - I guess we have! Sometimes the days merge into each other and you just keep slogging away trying to build community in this fragmented society.

Andrea, a young woman of perhaps 18, 19 came to the kitchen hatch and explained to our cook that God had told her to look for a church and she accidentally found ours. I find Andrea bible. We talk. I show her around. I explain that our concept of church is strongly based with our local community that we try to love unconditionally! She asks if we have any classes on Jesus she'd like to learn more. Strangely enough we have just started one with local churches in the area. So I arrange for my wife to meet with her to walk along to the church that is hosting that week. 6:45pm Andrea is waiting for Kate with a friend who is also interested. On Sunday she wants to bring three other friends to our morning service.

Sorry for sounding unusually enthusiastic! But sometimes God bowls you over and leaves you fairly much speechless!

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