Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The P-word...

I've been at college today. The Salvation Army Training College - where I am also a tutor in Mission Studies. A visiting lecturer was fabulous. Spoke well. Communicated. But I saw something new. PFS - Pomo Fatigue Syndrome! I could see in the faces of the students, prospective Salvation Army ministers. I thought of this quote.

"Someday when enough of us have gotten through to the other side of this transition, we can use ministry and gospel and neighbours and grace and other words we love, never needing to use the P-word again." (A is for Abductive Sweet, McClaren)

Incidentally - not that many people leave comments - but any ideas about the characteristics of an institutional church. What distinguishes a church as institutional? Words like hierarchy, centralised, uniform (!), inflexible, controlling come to mind – any others

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