Monday, March 15, 2004

What does Emergent want? Thinkers or celebrities?

Maggi Dawn poses the question What does Emergent want? Thinkers or celebrities?

From 5 months of observation it would appear that the major voices driving the emerging church debate are probably thinkers that have become minor celebrities in the world of 'blogosphere'. However let's face it there are not a whole host of people in the real world who know TallSkinnyKiwi; liquidthinking; Real live preacher; Jordan Cooper etc...

Could it be that the ever increasing cloud of institutionalism is gradually moving in and over and through the emerging debate. Celebrities; Guru's; Conventions; it won't be long until we see little TM marks after every thought as like Tom Cats spraying their territory the thinkers vie for credibility and a book contract. I had to smile at Liquid thinking What Trend we have in Jesus... but how near the truth is that?

We're often ducking under the “I want it?” demands of our 4 and 8 year olds while out shopping - we try to get them to think what do they need? Maybe the question rather than What does Emergent want? should be What does Emergent NEED?

Thinkers yes, celebrities no, but more than anything Emergent needs credibility. That means being more mission minded than geek minded; knowing what is hurting and breaking our communities into a kaleidescope of fragmentation more than knowing slick HTML; doing something about it more than sitting around blogging and writing books!

Am I guilty? – honesty – sometimes yes. That's why I just stopped halfway through this rant and sat with our luncheon club!!

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