Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The nonbiodegradable language of modernity....!

Andrew to Dag in Douglas Coupland’s Generation X

“I don't think my mother really grasps the concept of ecology or recycling," I start to tell Dag. "At Thanksgiving two years ago, after dinner, my mother was bagging all of the dinner trash into a huge nonbiodegradable bag. I pointed out to her that the bag was nonbiodegradable and she might want to consider using one of the degradable bags that were sitting on the shelf. She says to me, 'You're right! I forgot I had them and so she grabs one of the good bags. She then takes all of the trash, bad bag and all, and heaves it into the new one. The expression on her face was so genuinely proud that I didn't have the heart to tell her she'd gotten it all wrong…”

This struck a chord with me as I listened to someone this week expound the demands of post-modernity and the missional role of church but through out used an evangelical lexicon and language of modernity.

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